Tax Calendar of September 2023

by George Vorkas

Compliance with tax laws is critical for the operation of your business.

Every month, N. Vorkas & Co publishes the Tax Calendar to keep its customers and anyone else interested in the deadlines for submitting declarations and tax payments up to date.

For September

Until the end of the month:

  • Payment of tax, which was deducted from the salaries of employees last month. (Form – I.R. 61 – PAYE)
  • GHS payment of the previous month for: 1) Employees and Employer Contribution for Officials (0711) and 2) Officials and retirees (0701)
  • Completion of declarations for withholding of Special Defence Contribution (SDC) and General Health System (GHS) from dividends and interest acquired last month. (Statement – I.R. 603, 602)
  • Payment of Special Defence Contribution (SDC) withheld from dividends, interest, or rents paid in the previous month. (Forms – I.R. 603, 602, 614)
  • Payment of Social Insurance of August for employees


* A gentle reminder that the deadline of income tax return 2022 for individuals and payment of tax liability is October 2nd (T.D. 1).

Please note that the Tax Calendar will be updated to reflect any changes in due dates.

Please contact us if you need further information. We consider compliance with tax laws and regulations extremely essential.

We are here to assist you in any way we can.

N. V. & C Team

N. Vorkas & Co

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