Tax Calendar of May

by George Vorkas

Compliance with laws is an important matter for the operation of your business.

N. Vorkas & Co publishes the Tax Calendar every month to inform its customers and anyone interested in deadlines, submitting declarations, and tax payments.

For May

Until the end of the month

  • Payment of tax, which was deducted from the salaries of employees last month. (Form – I.R. 61 – PAYE)
  • GHS payment of the previous month for:
  1. Employees and Employer Contribution for Officials (0711)
  2. Officials and retirees (0701)
  • Completion of declarations for withholding of Special Defence Contribution (SDC) and General Health System (GHS) from dividends and interest acquired last month. (Statement – I.R. 603, 602)*
  • Payment of Special Defence Contribution (SDC) withheld from dividends, interest, or rents paid in the previous month. (Forms – I.R. 603, 602, 614)
  • Completion of a Declaration for Claiming Tax Deductions of the current year 2022 (Form IR 59)
  • Payment of Social Insurance for April  for employees


Please note that the Tax Calendar will be updated according to the new data.

For any information, give us a call. We consider compliance with tax laws and regulations extremely essential.

We are here to give you the help you need.

N. V. & C Team

N. Vorkas & Co Ltd

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