Social Insurance 2023

by George Vorkas

Salaries are an important part of a business. Each employer calculates the contributions to the Social Insurances -and to the GHS- of each employee’s wages. And this is done every month! The same applies to the self-employed.

Therefore, Social Insurance Services informed all interested parties that from January 2023 the following will apply:

a) The maximum limit of insurable earnings increases to €1.155 per week (from €1.117 in 2022) and €5.005 per month (from €4.840 in 2022)

b) The presumptive income of the self-employed, on which social insurance contribution is calculated, is increased by 3,37% (e.g., self-employed drivers, excavator operators, and those engaged in similar occupations, the minimum weekly amount of insurable earnings becomes from €395,51 to €408,84)


Therefore, according to the above, employers and the self-employed should be informed about these changes in the contribution to the Social Insurance funds so that they can fully harmonize with the labour legislation.

You can read the announcement in Greek at the link below:


In order to be up-to-date and fully compliant with Social Insurance regulations, N. Vorkas & Co provides the Payroll service so that this essential part of your business complies with the government’s regulations.

We are here to give you the help you need.


Konstantina Vorka

Head of Human Resources and Payroll services

at N. Vorkas & Co Ltd

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